SBOP Repository Explorer
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Create custom universes to explore SAP BO repositories

SBOP Repository Explorer Enterprise

With the SBOP Repository Explorer Enterprise, you can create custom universes to explore the SAP BO repositories and use it in any kind of documents or reports (like WebI, CR, Dashboards or others) in a memory database.

It's also possible to create the security matrix, explore relations between documents, universes, connections, users,groups and many other functionalities.

Our approach shows you the most simple way to explore SAP Business Objects BO repositories content using a specific simple free repository driver connector, creating an universe with it and use it in real time to explore with Web Intelligence, Lumira or any other tool.

REBIS valuable deliverables

  • full integrated with SAP BO
  • multiple bo versions supported
  • comes with a sample universe& reports
  • easy installation and configuration ready to use

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