What kind of Alchemist are you?
At #REBIS, We #Care, #Challenge, #Lead and #Inspire

Rebis (from the Latin res bina, meaning double matter) is the end product of the alchemical "great work."
That is our focus.
Our alchemists are always absorbed to archive a great work, leading your company into the digital transformation, taking advantage of digital opportunities and the intelligent use of information, developing their analytical and predictive capabilities.
At Rebis we are State-of-the-art Solutions with a vast experience and extended knowledge in SAP Products (SAP Analytics, Cloud, Business Intelligence, HANA), tools, projects, procedures and methodologies.
Our company started in 2014 from the joint venture of two business intelligence companies, and currently works with multiple clients in Telecommunications, Insurance, Pharmacy, Industry, Aviation, Retail and Government providing support to many other consultancy companies too.

We have the best value proposition in the market

Our differential

Business intelligence & Big Data Analytics
Unmatched BI & SAP BO Expertise
Reliability, Flexibility & Full Scope Monitoring& Support
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Extensive Consulting & Architecture Experience
SAP Certified Partners & Trainers
Our people

Our world-class team

Jorge Sousa
Nuno Ferreira
Nuno Nogueira

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