And there was light

Our beautiful story starts in 2014, within a small room with 5 skilled individuals and the common desire to bring the best support ever seen.


New Home New Ideas

Growth came, and less than a year later we discovered our new and current Office located in Sacavem, allowing us to grow even further
3 Months later we incorporated 5 new team members, 3 of which are still standing with us to this day.


More! More!

Overtime new projects appeared, along with new clients, new partnerships and more importantly, after 1 year in the new office 3 new skilled Consultants to join us along for our ride.


New Goals

Meet 2017, after 2 years of huge exponential daily growth, there came along new goals to reach which were now higher than ever,
and to help us reach them we brought along 3 new friends to manage our now even bigger team.


The Present

Due to consistently increasing demand, we have further acquired yet another office and plan on getting our own REBIS brand vehicle.
In this short amount of time REBIS has grown from a small room, to 2 offices that hold our amazing over 200% larger team.

This is REBIS.