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Jorge Lourenço and Multidisciplinary Work

A new article was released on Link to Leaders by our Co-founder/CEO Jorge Lourenço, about multidisciplinary work. Go check it out!

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Rebis Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes at Landing Festival Lisbon, with REBIS! At REBIS, we Inspire.

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At ImShare!

Fantastic presence of our Co-Founder / CEO Nuno Ferreira in the data ethics panel at IMSHARE. At Rebis, we Inspire!

We strengthen our team and we value competencies!

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Rebis is a partner of SAP NOW Lisbon

"SAP Now Lisbon has the support of 16 partners:Ábaco Consultores, Accenture Technology, Arago Consulting, Capgemini, Compta, DXC.tecnology, Everedge Consulting, GUSP, HCCM Consulting, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM Softinsa, Noesis, Rebis, ROFF, Seidor e Techedge."

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Exame magazine

According to Susana Genelioux, in the magazine Exame Portugal, "the project went very well, with no incidents that compromised the initial plan", highlighting the excellent integration of the consultants #REBIS, with the BI team of Banco Finantia and its high degree of knowledge of the platform.

...At REBIS, we accept the Challenge!


Future Entrepeneurs

We start our day helping and working with future entrepreneurs. At Rebis we train too.


Let's share?

We support once again IMSHARE! Come join us!


Jorge Sousa on Link to Leaders

Check out the latest article from our Co-CEO Jorge Sousa at Link To Leaders.

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Our Talented People

At REBIS Consulting, we value talent! From many technical schools and universities like Universidade do Minho

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REBIS Consulting is a member of the DSPA - Data Science Portuguese Association and, simultaneously, we also support the Master in Advanced Analytics of NOVA IMS.

Pitch Bootcamp 2018

We will mark a new presence at Instituto Superior Técnico, with Spark Agency in another edition of the Pitch Bootcamp Técnico de Lisboa 2018 appear here as well!

Nuno Ferreira on Link to Leaders

Check out the latest article from our Co-CEO Nuno Ferreira at Link To Leaders.

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Rebis & Pakistan

We were at the Embassy of Pakistan, accepting the kind invitation to celebrate the National Day.

GUSP Congress

Challenging new thoughts at II GUSP Congress.

Rebis at Portugal Fashion

We accepted the kind invitation from ANJE - Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários and we went to Portugal Fashion

the role of women in the development of Pakistani society

What is "the role of women in the development of Pakistani society?". The lecture was given by Suryyia Manzoor, a member of the Rotary Club of Multan Metropolitan. His lecture was attended by His Excellency the Acting Ambassador of Pakistan in Lisbon and with our CCO David Perez and our amazing alchemist Mahsoon Asif!

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Pitch Bootcamp

We accepted the challenge of Spark Agency and we were with future talents of NOVA IMS in the most recent issue of Pitch, with the presence of our CEO Nuno Ferreira.

Are you ready for the 5th edition of Rebis Academy?

In the words of Nuno Ferreira, co-Founder and CEO of REBIS, with Jorge Sousa "the significant acceptance in the Portuguese market of our business analytics services portfolio has led to a significant increase in brand investment in our country, as an operational base and support to an increasing network of national and international clients."

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Rebis WeCare Program

Throughout the year we make a difference in many institutions and social activities through REBIS's #WeCare program. We end the year in the best way, contributing once more to lives a little happier, within our means. With Ana Carolina Mendes, David Pérez, Rui Ribeiro, among many other collaborators of REBIS Consulting.

We support industry events and several market initiatives developing our business potential.

Pitch Bootcamp

We met young people of high potential at FCT NOVA, with Spark Agency's PitchBootcamp, where our HR geek was present. At REBIS, we Challenge.

IASports Conference

Our presence at the IASports Conference was marked by our participation in the panel "Evolution of Technical Teams", with Nuno Ferreira and showcase sports analytics presented by Jorge Sousa. Thank you all.

RforDataScience book

Our Co-CEO Nuno Ferreira with Andreia Carlos from R-Ladies Lisboa with the brand new RforDataScience book for some special data analytics geek people.

Believing makes us stronger.

That is why, on Children's day, we have made a symbolic contribution to Acreditar. 'Cause at REBIS we Care.

Celebrate summer with the kids!

REBIS reinforces directive structure.

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We are proud IMSHARE sponsors!

A fantastic conference where REBIS flavour is felt. DATANINJA Workshop by our CCO David Pérez a success!

At Rebis We Care!

The week we celebrate the International Day da Cruz Vermelha and Portugal welcomes Pope Francisco and Fatima, it's pilgrims, REBIS has contributed to CVP as part of its social responsibility program.

Commemoration of the National Production Day

We accepted the kind invitation from the Ministry of Economy and we were present at the Commemoration of the National Production Day, with one of our CEO's Nuno Ferreira.

Pitch Bootcamp

As part of the Pitch Bootcamp initiative by SparkAgency, we were in another fantastic edition of Pitch Bootcamp at ISCTE, with excellent profiles and future professionals.

Rebis doubles its presence in Portugal.

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We were present at the Luncheon of Business and Cultural Associations present in Portugal, promoted by the House of Spain.